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113 Old Smithfield Rd, Freshwater | (07) 4055 1262 | cairns@limberlost.com.au

Preparing your Garden Bed with Limberlost

learn Preparing your Garden Bed with Limberlost

Hi this is Elle from Limberlost Garden Centre. 

It’s March here in the Wet tropics and it’s getting to the end of our wet season. It’s the perfect time for prepping our garden beds for the new growing season that starts in April.

As you can see the lemongrass taken over this garden bed so it’s time for us to take this out and refresh the garden bed. We’ll dig it all out and then we can divide it and make new plants from it as well.

Well the Lemongrass is out which was a bit of a mission! We’ll just keep clearing out the rest of these weeds. 

Annual vegetables are very hungry. As you can see this garden has lowered a lot so we’re going to have to top it up and revive it in preparation for the next growing season.

In the Wet Tropics, the season for growing vegetables is pretty much the opposite of most places in Australia –  we’re getting geared up for the new growing season to start.

We’re just going to loosen up the soil a little, and we’re going to be topping up our garden beds with our garden blend which is a mix of compost, sand and soil. We sell this in bulk for large gardens or in bags for your smaller projects. It’s perfect for topping up existing garden beds or creating new ones.

Now we’re going to add ActiveGrow, which is a compost-based product that also has beneficial microbes in it. We’re going to add about two bags of this to this bed which is about 1 square metre bed.

Now to blend it all through!

We’ll add Organic Xtra next, which is a fertiliser we recommend. This one is great because it’s a chicken manure based product, and it’s also been fortified with extra nutrients like blood and bone, fish meal, composted seaweed and extra potassium. For this bed we’re going to use about a cup, so you want about a cup per square metre. 

Now we’re going to mulch our garden bed with sugar cane mulch.This is a really good mulch because it’s fine and easy to spread, and also retains moisture and keeps in all of the good nutrients that we’ve just put in the soil.

Lastly, we’ll just water this all in, and and we’re going to leave it to settle for about 3 to 4 weeks and then we’ll be ready for planting.

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