113 Old Smithfield Rd, Freshwater | (07) 4055 1262 | cairns@limberlost.com.au
113 Old Smithfield Rd, Freshwater | (07) 4055 1262 | cairns@limberlost.com.au

Garden Design consultations by limberlost

Our Consultation Packages

Our Services are available from Edmonton to Palm Cove, outside these areas by arrangement.

In-store Walk & Talk

$75 for 45 minute consultation with Neil or Mia

Bring in your photos, plans, or drawings for a 45-minute walk & talk to discuss your garden design plans or ideas and suitable plant options.

    • Basic concept plan for your garden with plant suggestions and spacing
    • Advice on soil preparation and garden maintenance

Onsite Consultation with Design Concept Plan and Quote

with garden designer mia

Packages include onsite consultation fee and travel time, a detailed design concept plan, and quote for recommended plants, materials, and décor if required.

Package 1 $375 – Suitable for small gardens such as courtyards or balcony gardens. 

Package 2 $575 – Small to medium back yards with minimal designs with some complex design elements.

Package 3 $875 – Large detailed designs with complex design elements and hardscaping.

Onsite Diagnostic Consultation

$90/hr including traveling on way with Horticulturists Neil Hughes or Adam Wellington

Neil or Adam will visit your garden to diagnose any problems you have with diseases, pests, soil issues, maintenance and pruning problems

Please note that professional advice will be given but no work will be carried out.

If required, basic care, products, diagrams and maintenance information will be prepared for you after or during the consultation.



Neil Hughes, Senior Horticulturalists at Limberlost Garden Centre, is exception in solving garden problems and diagnosing plant problems. He can identify pests and diseases, diagnose plant and soil problems and recommend solutions to home and commercial gardens. He has exceptional knowledge in identifying species of plants and growing conditions most suited for them.  

Prior to starting at Limberlost, Neil worked and studied at the Cairns Botanical Gardens for 10 years where he gained his vast knowledge of tropical plants, pests, and diseases.

Neil has worked at the Limberlost Garden Centre for 35 years, gaining experience initially with the propagation team, managing the orchid and producing a rich variety of tropical plants. From there he advanced to customer service where he is much respected by all who have asked his advice throughout Cairns and surrounds.

Adam Wellington


Limberlost Orchid Manager, Adam Wellington has 20 years local experience with a decade of land conservation and land management. During that time he has worked at Limberlost for over 7 years managing production of rare and tropical fruit trees. Part of his role at Limberlost is to maintain, shape and prune the trees in the orchid and front gardens which he uses for production. He an expert on marcotting, and other types of propagation. Adam is also an expert with soil management and microbial health. Adam can visit your garden to advise on shaping shrubs, hedged and trees and improving the health of your soil. He can off advise so that you can maintain and improve your own garden easily.

Mia Conway

Garden Designer

Horticulturalist Mia Conway is a long-term employee at Limberlost. Her years of experience have given her an extensive wealth of plant knowledge and her artistic and creative abilities is what makes Limberlost the visual delight it is.

Mia has an advanced certificate in Land Scape Design and a real passion for helping peoples garden visions come to life. She will work with you to tailor your garden to your preferred style whether it’s a neat formal look you’re after, a native oasis attracting an abundance of wildlife or a tropical jungle retreat.

Her plant selections are realistic, recommending plants that are guaranteed to thrive in your soil type and in our tropical climate.

Her designs can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be, from a simple garden bed planting to a large back lawn with multiple gardens and a variety of hardscaping elements such as decks, paving, fire pits and planter boxes. No job is too big or too small.

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