After over 60 years of supplying the garden needs throughout North Queensland, Limberlost has established itself as a leading garden retailer.


The vast local knowledge ensures that the best advice and best products are available for successful tropical growing.

A place of inspiration

Over the recent years the garden centre has been transformed. The garden centre is now a modern and inspirational garden retailer. The shopper-friendly layout of the garden centre allows a very relaxing and enjoyable experience within the beautiful tropical garden setting.

Limberlost Grown

The vast experience at Limberlost Garden Centre ensures that the plants and products offered are suitable for local conditions. Limberlost have re-developed the Limberlost Plant Production area. Tropical North Queensland is so different to our southern regions and to have such a range plants available that have been ‘grown at Limberlost’ and ‘grown for Limberlost’ is a huge advantage for once they are planted in our local gardens.

Our Kitchen Garden

Garden trends and fashions change and with the renewed interest in growing healthy, fresh food at home, the Kitchen Garden and the edible area has grown into a major part of the nursery.

A huge selection of plants, garden decor, and furniture

Plants suitable to grow indoors are very popular and there is a huge selection available. There is a massive range of pots, garden décor, garden features, furniture, water features and garden art available. Limberlost is proud to be now one of Australia’s leading garden retail experiences.