113 Old Smithfield Rd, Freshwater | (07) 4055 1262 | cairns@limberlost.com.au
113 Old Smithfield Rd, Freshwater | (07) 4055 1262 | cairns@limberlost.com.au

About Us The Limberlost Story

Limberlost Garden Centre, or Limberlost Nursery as it was known, has long been recognized as the garden centre of Cairns. From humble beginnings, over 60 years the business grew to be one the best-known garden retailers in Cairns.

The current owners, Ross Rankine and Cherryl Fisher, remember visiting Limberlost Garden Centre ever since they can remember. When the business was put on the market. Ross and Cherryl saw the opportunity to restore the business. To the exciting and inspirational place, it had been in years gone by.

Ross and Cherryl shared a love of plants. And owning a garden centre was certainly a different direction for their lives. With a passion to create a wonderful experience of beauty and nature, and then assist customers to recreate some of this in their own living spaces. Limberlost has now grown into an exciting, interesting experience for gardeners and non-gardeners alike.

Their garden centre has been transformed. The weedy old pathways and nursery beds have been replaced with large areas of paved surfaces. The garden centre layout, watering systems, display benches, signage, boundaries, trolleys, and gardens have been renewed and revived. The offer of products has been reviewed with the vision of supplying the very best for the people of Cairns and the surrounding areas. The Limberlost Garden Centre team is passionate about the life, energy, and enjoyment that plants and nature brings. They work very hard to excite and inspire customers with the everchanging displays and product range.

Limberlost have re-developed the Limberlost Plant Production area. Tropical North Queensland is so different to our southern regions and to have such a range plants available that have been ‘grown at Limberlost’ and ‘grown for Limberlost’ is a huge advantage for once they are planted in our local gardens.

Whether a home gardener, landscaper, and contractor, Limberlost Garden & Landscape Centre is the one-stop destination for every landscape project. We are committed to offering the very best garden plants, the very best landscape products, and the very best landscape materials. So that the gardens and landscapes of Cairns are the very best that they can be. Our range of quality mulches, garden mixes, sands, pebbles, stone, potting mix, and raw materials will help to complete your landscaping project.

As part of the creation of the Limberlost Experience, the old original Limberlost Nursery homestead was restored, renovated and transformed in the very popular Vines Café. Vines opened in 2014 and is now a regular destination for locals and visitors alike. Excellent food, great world class coffee and the beautiful Limberlost setting, Vines has been a major addition to the experience of a visit to Limberlost.

Limberlost Garden Centre has grown to be recognized as one of the leading garden centres in Australia. There are many more plans for Limberlost Garden Centre as Ross and Cherryl and the Limberlost team continue building an exciting experience for the generations to follow.

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