Daintree Pines are a beautiful native addition to your Christmas celebrations, and will grow with your family for years to come.

To ensure your tree enjoys Christmas celebrations as much as you, here are some simple tips for keeping them healthy and happy:

  1. Daintree pines don’t like to dry out. Growing naturally in a tropical area, they like a moist, free draining soil. Regular water is essential to keep foliage lush and green. If you’re growing them in a pot, they’ll need a daily water ensuring the mix is fully wet.
  2. While they love water, they will not tolerate wet feet and the water needs to be able to drain freely away. Avoid using saucers underneath where water will pool.
  3. Daintree pines like full sun. If you’re bringing one inside to use as a Christmas tree, avoid keeping it inside for more than a week. Once Christmas is over, gradually acclimatise it back into full sun.